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Getting Married in Cyprus

Paphos is the perfect location for Weddings in Cyprus. You can choose to have either a civil wedding ceremony conducted by one of the Town Hall Registrars, or alternatively a Catholic or Anglican Church ceremony - Catholic couples must also have a civil ceremony as a legal requirement. Religious ceremonies can be held at one of the two churches in the area, or at selected non church locations the discretion of the church.

All weddings in Cyprus ceremonies are conducted in English. Civil ceremonies can be carried out in a wide selection of locations in addition to the Town Halls, these include hotels, restaurants, yachts, museums, private villas etc.

The location of the ceremony venue will dictate which Town Hall Registrar is permitted to conduct the civil ceremony.

How lucky are you to pick Cyprus, the Island of Love. Zeus’ his father himself created Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. She just had to step on to the Island and she made it her home. From the ancient times, till modern day, Cyprus was built from Love and will always be so.

This reputation makes Cyprus the best, and obviously the most romantic destination for a wedding.

No matter what your budget, or party size, we hope to make your wedding day as magical as possible. From full scale extravaganza to small intimate connections. The Island is ready and we at Zaffron Weddings are ready to make them come through.

Yacht? Hotel? Restaurant? Tavern? Whatever you might want, whatever the budget, let us help you make the most and make the best of your special day. It would be our pleasure.

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