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We know how important it is for brides to look the beautiful on their wedding day. Its a day that the bride will be photographed and should look perfect and flawless and the dress is not the only thing captured in the photographs.  Flawless hair and make-up will ensure stunning photos to treasure forever so that you will never look back on you wedding pictures with regret.

That is why at Zaffron Weddings we use the most professional hair and make-up artists for the job.  Whether you decide to go for  full blown glamour or just go for simple hardly there make-up our professional team will make sure you look your best.   Pre-wedding hair and make-up trials are always available to ensure that all is perfect for the BIG day. All done in the comfort of your hotel. For those unsure of the look they want; don’t worry our artists will be there to advise and help you choose the best  look to suit you and your dress.

Perfect Bridal Hair and Make-up Cyprus
Cyprus weddings

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