My Son’s Wedding, An Amazing Day For Us All

As a wedding planner I attend lots of weddings and care deeply about the end result. All planned to perfection between myself and the bride and grooms; making sure that the end result is as wonderful as the couple imagined if not better.  This is all so important to me and not taken lightly no matter the budget, size or location. Each wedding day is an important day; probably the most extraordinary day that happens to ordinary people and I am part of it, I really cant help but feel the emotions and get wrapped up in it all and bond with the couple and their guests.

Newly Weds Jay & Izzi
A day to remember

This wedding is my own son’s so you can imagine all these emotions times 10, plus I wanted it all to be just perfect for  my son and his bride Elizabeth.  I need not have worried, as all my trusted suppliers, photographers, videographers, cake maker, florists, decorators and even a friend of mine that happens to be a wedding planner too, Mandy, attended as a guests but kept her sharp eye out so that I could just enjoy the day without having to worry at all. I know they all went that extra mile to make this special and I thank all whom involved for their hard work and dedication. The result was a truly magical wedding day which we enjoyed so much and now have the fondest memories; not to mention amazing photos and video to look back on and enjoy time and time again. Thank you Andrew, Finola, Karina, Andrzej, Jackie & Jo, Mandy, Paris, Danny, Maria, Daniela, Lesley & Tommy  – you were all wonderful..

Proud Parents. Stella & Budge
Proud Parents. Stella & Budge

Stella Virdi

Sons wedding 21st September 2014 at Minthis Hills

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