Our Cyprus Wedding Day was Beyond Our Wildest Dreams


Stella Virdi did an exceptional job helping deliver the wedding of our dreams.  She had her work cut out as we had 100 people from around the world, ourselves from Dubai – dealing with multiple languages, cultures, food allergies and many other requests to ensure everyone had a great time.  Stella took the pain out of the legal aspects of wedding planning literally holding our hand by taking us to the town hall, ensuring we had all the right documentation and every other process and consideration before, during and after.


Wonderful day with Rana & Alistair at Aphrodite Hills resort in Cyprus
Mr and Mrs Alistair & Rana Burton

The wedding party planning was another challenge which Stella stood up to, working with our hotel resort to ensure their services mixed with the most appropriate and best external suppliers to ensure the party was a success, which it definitely way.


Meeting Stella’s extended family was also added an added benefit (and obviously free of charge), ensuring the preparations behind the success of the wedding was set without incident, ensuring we took our guests to the most organic and natural locations on the island as well as the best bars and restaurants, not to mention keeping us up-to-date on the latest family news!


I would like to extend my thanks and recommend Stella and her exceptional team to others, for creating our wedding that was far beyond our wildest dreams.


Alistair and Rana

May 2014

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