Rich and Niki

Great Host, Great Networker, Great Wedding Planner & Friend!

Both Rich and I have busy lives and our jobs take up probably too much of our time which is why Stella was key to organizing the most special day of our lives. Having someone on the ground who actually knows what they’re doing was perfect. Even on the day she was there to calm my nerves, her family are the most warm and welcoming people you could wish to meet. Stella has a great style, personality and real passion for wanting people like us to just have an amazing time. Forgot anything else you may have seen Stella has a killer combo team behind her, Danny the Legend (saved the day with his video & music), Jim the Photographer and Maria the hair-dresser and Annivia the Florist. We would highly recommend Stella anytime. We had about 50 guests coming from UK and US to celebrate our big day & pre-wedding parties which was the best time of our lives and we owe it to Stella in helping us make our dream come true!

You have truly given us what we were after and it is something we will both cherish forever!


Thank you Stella.


Rich and Niki

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