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I Stella Virdi, have been living in, and loving, Cyprus for over 20 years!

How did I start? I fell into the family restaurant business by accident but found myself comfortably falling into the position of Hostess with ease. Making sure all my customers’ needs were taken care of and that they had the best time, no matter what. Everyone was looked after, totally comfortable and completely satisfied.

And was born Zaffron Weddings! An extension of one of our beautiful restaurants. A small personable company where I get to be hostess once again; for those brides and grooms who require the excellence I am ready to give.

I have been dealing with weddings now for the past 10 years. So far I have produced and been grateful to be a part of an endless list of weddings with happy brides, grooms and wedding ceremonies; something I am very proud of.

For the past 10 years I have been coordinating wedding for couples from abroad, who dream of the perfect day in the sun, on the Island of Love. And I love every one of them!

I work hard, I have a keen eye; I can orchestrate, conduct, coordinate and choreograph your dream wedding, AND I love doing it. I employ a team of people who are just as, if not more passionate than me, and we all love what we do. From intimate gatherings to spectacular presentations, it’s a job I (we) love. Every wedding is important and only the best will do.

I hope I can provide the best options for every couple I meet. I make myself available throughout the whole process, and your wedding day, and even afterwards; just to make sure you are fully satisfied with your whole experience with me. I want it to be as perfect as you had imagined.

Weddings by me are… Whatever you want them to be, whatever you have imagined – suited to your budget and your expectations.

Let me make your dream wedding come true!

Stella Virdi

Wedding Coordinator at Zaffron Weddings

Stella Virdi

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Express Wedding For Matt & Danny
  • Matt and Danny
    Amazing locations for fun and romantic wedding  photos

    Danielle and I decided six weeks ago in Laugharne, Wales over a bottle of bubbly that it would be fun to get married…so here we are, sunning ourselves in Cyprus the week after what was definitely the best day of both our lives…keeping it a secret from everyone was pretty tough but it was just the way we wanted it. We’d like to thank Stella at Zaffron Weddings in Paphos for organising all the stuff that would have otherwise made what was a fun time a nightmare. Stella even got us an upgrade at our hotel! If quietly eloping is your thing; look no further than Stella Virdi  at Zaffron Weddings.

    Best Wishes

    Danielle & Matthew Senior

    April 2016

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