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I Stella Virdi, have been living in, and loving, Cyprus for over 20 years!

How did I start? I fell into the family restaurant business by accident but found myself comfortably falling into the position of Hostess with ease. Making sure all my customers’ needs were taken care of and that they had the best time, no matter what. Everyone was looked after, totally comfortable and completely satisfied.

And was born Zaffron Weddings! An extension of one of our beautiful restaurants. A small personable company where I get to be hostess once again; for those brides and grooms who require the excellence I am ready to give.

I have been dealing with weddings now for the past 10 years. So far I have produced and been grateful to be a part of an endless list of weddings with happy brides, grooms and wedding ceremonies; something I am very proud of.

For the past 10 years I have been coordinating wedding for couples from abroad, who dream of the perfect day in the sun, on the Island of Love. And I love every one of them!

I work hard, I have a keen eye; I can orchestrate, conduct, coordinate and choreograph your dream wedding, AND I love doing it. I employ a team of people who are just as, if not more passionate than me, and we all love what we do. From intimate gatherings to spectacular presentations, it’s a job I (we) love. Every wedding is important and only the best will do.

I hope I can provide the best options for every couple I meet. I make myself available throughout the whole process, and your wedding day, and even afterwards; just to make sure you are fully satisfied with your whole experience with me. I want it to be as perfect as you had imagined.

Weddings by me are… Whatever you want them to be, whatever you have imagined – suited to your budget and your expectations.

Let me make your dream wedding come true!

Stella Virdi

Wedding Coordinator at Zaffron Weddings

Stella Virdi

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UAE Couples Wanting To Marry In Cyprus
  • We specialize in Weddings for couples who are resident in  UAE.  

    Fast Track weddings for those that want to marry quickly but not lose sight of the fact that this is essentially their wedding day and should be meaningful and special, rest assured; we understand fully the importance of your marriage day.

    As with any wedding abroad the legalities and documentation can be a little tricky if you are unfamiliar with them and this is where we come in to make your wedding day formalities here in Cyprus a breeze.  Whether a full scale religious celebration or a quick and easy civil ceremony, we are able to provide a professional service for all the information you might need.

    We will make sure that all your legal documentation and administration requirements are checked and accurate before your arrival in Cyprus. It is important to know that there are extra formalities in making your marriage here in Cyprus, legal in the UAE. In order to legalize marriages, certificates will need to be couriered to appropriate government ministers, relevant to your country of residence. This action takes place following the marriage and may take around 2 days, and it is possible to have the documents delivered to you whether you are still in Cyprus or back in your country of residence.

    As well as handling the legal requirements we provide full day assistance of a wedding planner and are able to provide witnesses for the civil ceremony. For those not wanting a full blown wedding and would just like a quick, legal civil ceremony.


    Affidavits,  licence applications and civil marriages can be done in the same day. Quick and easy for those who due to circumstances are not able to stay in Cyprus longer than a night or two.


    If you wish to talk to Stella Virdi and discuss marrying in Cyprus please call 00357 99 460499


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